4 Primitive Camping Reserves

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Wee Jasper Reserves is home to four (4) unique camping reserves, within the valley of Wee Jasper NSW.

Our camping reserves are like no other; all 4 camping reserves offer wide-open spaces, grass sites blessed with the views of star splatter skies, the distant rolling hills, which we call mother nature welcoming you to relax.

General Camping Information

All four (4) camping reserves are completely dog friendly.
Please note it is your responsibility control your dog, making sure that it is kept on a lead at all times, cleaned up after and that your dog it is not causing an impact on other campers within the reserves, wildlife or additional pets on the reserves. At no time is your dog permitted on the properties neighbouring the reserves. These neighbouring properties may use 1080 fox bait to control pests at particular times of the year.

There are no powered sites within Wee Jasper Reserves.
Wee Jasper Reserves is considered a ‘primitive’ camping reserves. Although considered primitive, there are still plenty of creature-comfort facilities available to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Generators are allowed at the reserves from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, however, it is best practice to confirm the use of generators during your stay with the managers of Wee Jasper Reserves upon arrival.

The Hub of Wee Jasper Reserves.
Due to the limited businesses & stockists within the valley of Wee Jasper, there is a range of small goods in the office located at Billy Grace Reserve (5 Nottingham Road) such as bagged ice, gas refills, jams & pickles, milk, merchandise and the bare necessities. It is important to note that the office is not a supermarket and to ‘stock up’ before you leave Yass or Canberra (depending on your planned route). The rubbish compound is also located at Billy Grace and all campers are responsible for their own rubbish, which means either bringing it back to Billy Grace Reserve to the rubbish compound, or taking it back home with you.

Individual Reserves Information

Billy Grace Reserve

5 Nottingham Road

Billy Grace Reserve is the main reserve that facilitates the office. Day Visitor Fees to be made here. It also has hot showers, flushing toilet’s as well as a playground for the children of all ages.
Billy Grace Reserve is situated right on the Goodradigbee River, it is also the largest reserve, making it the perfect place for first-time campers or young families as there are picnic tables and public barbeques available for use.
As the main hub of the reserves, Billy Grace Reserve has plenty of shade and resources including the caravanning/RV dump point, rubbish compound as well as potable drinking water.

Fitzpatrick Trackhead Reserve

1 Nottingham Road

Fitzpatrick Trackhead Reserve. There are hot showers, flushing toilets, potable drinking water as well as undercover picnic tables and public barbeques available for use. This is the only reserve with a complete disable access bathroom.
Fitzpatrick Trackhead has no riverside access, however it is only a short walk to Billy Grace Reserve to access the water.

If you are a fan of wild caves, bush walking or birdwatching then Fitzpatrick is the perfect location. With access to one of Wee Jasper valleys cave systems and the Hume & Hovell walking track.

Swinging Bridge Reserve

524 Nottingham Road

Swinging Bridge Reserve. There are no showers at Swinging Bridge Reserve, however it has flushing toilet’s, drop toilets and potable drinking water. This reserve is situated on one of the deepest parts of the Goodradigbee River, it is perfect for swimming, kayaking and fishing.

With potable drinking water, and flat campsites alongside the banks of the river is the perfect little escape to hide amongst the changing leaves of autumn, or the cooling shade in summer. Cosy by a campfire and watch the day flow by.

Micalong Creek Reserve

524 Nottingham Road

Micalong Creek Reserve. With flushing toilets and hot showers Micalong Creek is the perfect reserve for a weekend away. Access to potable drinking water and situated on the banks of Micalong Creek this reserve is perfect for any camper.

Flat grassy campsites make for little escape to hide amongst the changing leaves of autumn, or the cooling shade in summer. Pack your walking shoes and take a stroll through the bush to Micalong Swimming hole or one of the various bush walks along the water of Micalong Creek.