Campfire Information

Campfires are currently NOT allowed.

Wee Jasper Reserves

The summer fire ban will commence Monday the 11th of November 2019 until further notice in 2020.
This ban applies to all solid fuels including coal, heat beads and Ozpigs.
You are able to use your gas BBQ or the electric ones provided at the selected reserves.
Thank you for your compliance!

For more information in regards to campfires, please visit the
Conditions of Use page on this website.

For constant updates on the conditions for campfires, please visit the
‘Wee Jasper Reserves‘ Facebook page.

It is recommended that you bring your own firewood with you as the reserves has limited supply and due to the foraging for wood over the years there is minimal available on the reserves themselves.
Tree lopping or chainsaw cutting on any of the reserves is strictly prohibited, if you are caught doing so you will be charged.
The reserves is surrounded by private property, cutting wood or ‘jumping the fence’ to find wood is also strictly prohibited.