About Us

Meet the Managers

Mick & Michelle have been the managers for Wee Jasper Reserves for going on 5 years, started in January 2015. With 14 years of industry experience, Mick & Michelle have worked in resort parks in the far south coast of NSW before heading back home to be closer to family. It has been exciting to see how the reserves have evolved in this last 5 years and encouraging campers & families of all type to reconnect with nature and themselves. Having 3 boys and 4 dogs Mick & Michelle welcome you to create life long family memories here in the beautiful valley of Wee Jasper.

Wee Jasper Reserves is home to four (4) different camping reserves, all of which are completely unique in surroundings and conditions.

All four (4) reserves, except for Carey’s Reserve now have access to potable (drinking) water and are dog friendly. As long as your dog is kept on a lead and is cleaned up after they are more than welcome to accompany you on your adventure!

In that, please be mindful of the other campers, wildlife and additional dogs on the Reserves. Keep in mind that 1080 fox bait is often laid on the properties neighbouring Wee Jasper Reserves at certain times of the year. So we recommend that you keep your pet on a lead and within your sight at all times during your stay.

At all of the four (4) reserves within the Wee Jasper Reserves there are no delegated sites or powered sites, the camping conditions are considered ‘primitive’.

There is a range of small goods in the office located at Billy Grace Reserve such as ice, gas refills, 3 day fishing licenses as well as small packaged lollies, merchandise and the bare necessities.
The rubbish compound is also located at Billy Grace and all campers are responsible for their own rubbish, which means either bringing it back to the compound at Billy Grace Reserve, or taking it home with you.