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Wee Jasper Reserves is currently closed.

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More information, visit 9 News Sydney Facebook page. 31/03/2020

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Wee Jasper Reserves is a camping and RV paradise with five (5) beautiful primitive camping reserves and many spectacular places to stop and unwind.

Why not pack your hiking boots and enjoy some bush walking along the Goodradigbee River or perhaps walk on parts of the famous Hume and Hovell Walking Track starting on the Fitzpatrick Trackhead. Immerse yourself with nature. Who knows, you may encounter some locals – that being 1 of 56 species of birds or perhaps 1 of the many readily-spotted mammals and reptiles

Campfires are permitted.

“I’d Rather Be By The Goodradigbee

The Camping Reserves

Billy Grace Reserve.

Fitzpatrick Trackhead Reserve.

Swinging Bridge Reserve.

Micalong Creek Reserve.

Careys Reserve.

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